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A Beginner’s Guide to Endometriosis Surgery

Mar 05 | 2022 By Admin

Endometriosis can be described as a health condition, where the type of tissue, which lines the uterus of a woman grows outside of it. However, the only way to determine if someone is suffering from this condition is to perform a surgery, which is called laparoscopy.

In some cases, patients might be experiencing severe amounts of endometriosis pain and medication might not really help them. In such a case, doctors may recommend you undergo endometriosis surgery. The experienced and skilled doctors at Vijayalakshmi Medical Centre will be able to guide you on if you need endometriosis laparoscopic surgery or not. 


They will be able to easily detect the endometriosis in your body. After identifying the endometriosis, doctors will take out some or all of the affected tissues from your body. However, you will need to consider several factors before undergoing endometriosis treatment surgery in Kerala. 

When Should You Undergo Endometriosis Surgery

Several patients often ask when I should undergo an endometriosis surgery in Kochi. The first and foremost thing you should remember is that you might not be able to get pregnant or have kids after certain types of endometriosis surgery. It is best to consult with the doctor at our Vijayalakshmi medical centre because it will help you to clear your doubts and concerns. 


If you are wondering when to undergo endometriosis laparoscopic surgery, then you should understand that it will depend on your overall health and age. If you are experiencing any of the following signs or symptoms, it is best to get in touch with a doctor as fast as possible.  


  • Medication is not helping you to control your symptoms
  • If you are experiencing severe pelvic pain
  • You are unable to get pregnant 
  • If you have a growth in the pelvic area that should be removed 

What You Should Know About Endometriosis Laparoscopic Surgery

As mentioned earlier, doctors will be able to diagnose and treat the condition of endometriosis by performing laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery treatment makes use of a thin tube, which is called a laparoscope. The tube comes with a camera and light, which will help doctors to see inside the patient’s body. 


Patients who are undergoing endometriosis laparoscopic surgery in Kochi will be given general anesthesia before the surgical procedure. The doctor will then make a tiny cut either in the belly button of the patient or another part of her abdomen. 


Doctors will use gas to inflate your belly, which will help them to get a clear view into the inside of your body through the camera. The thin laparoscope tube will go through the small cut made by the doctors. In some cases, doctors might need to make a few more small cuts. 


The surgical procedure might take from thirty minutes to six hours based on the severity of the case. It is important to note that laparoscopy is actually an outpatient surgical procedure. This means that you will be able to go home on the same day of the surgery. 

Laparotomy Surgery for Endometriosis 

Laparotomy is actually a major surgical procedure that involves making a large cut in the belly of the patient. The treatment process of laparotomy is usually used by doctors for patients with severe endometriosis, which cannot be treated with laparoscopy. 


Just like laparoscopy, the patient will be put to sleep before the surgical procedure. The doctor will then cut through the skin and muscles of the patient. This is done to get a clear view into the abdomen of the patient so that they will be able to remove the affected tissue. 


After performing the surgery, the patient will be moved to a recovery area after closing the cut. The patient will need to stay under observation in the hospital for a minimum of one night. 

What You Should Expect After Undergoing an Endometriosis Surgery 

Patients who have undergone the surgical procedure of laparoscopy will feel tired for some days. Doctors might advise patients to avoid driving for a couple of weeks. In addition to that, they will advise you to not have sex, swim, and avoid bathing in a tab for at least a couple of weeks. 


Recovering after performing laparotomy can be slow and it might also be quite painful in some cases. The recovery process might take two or more weeks based on the severity of the patient. Patients who are recovering from their homes might not be able to perform daily activities in most cases. 


Patients who are undergoing hysterectomy should realize that their period will stop after the surgery. If your uterus and ovaries are removed, then you will go into the menopause state. Patients may experience symptoms like bone density loss and hot flashes. It is best to discuss with a doctor, as it will help you to get a clear idea about the risks, recovery time, and results of endometriosis surgery.

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