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Infertility treatments at VMC

The Primary Objective of our Infertility Centre is to offer Low Cost IVF Infertility Treatment Services under one roof [Treatment of Fertility till Delivery]. We offer our years of experience, expertize and latest Reproductive Technologies in the area of infertility and treatment plan designed for individual needs .Our fertility lab equipment of international standards and are best among the first few comprehensive dedicated Infertility Hospitals in Kerala. Our Centre has state of ART facilities IUI - Donor | Husband, IVF - ET, ICSI - ET, Sperm retrieval by MESA,TESA,PESA,Laser assisted hatching, Blastocyst culture, Cumulus cell coculture, Sperm banking, Freezing- [embryo | sperm | oocyte], Donation- [sperm | egg | embryo],Surrogacy(surrogate mother),PGD(preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) Amniocentesis [Pre-natal genetic diagnosis], Reproductive Surgery for chocolate cyst, hydro salpinx, endometriosis, Fibroids, Varicocelectomy, Keyhole surgery, Fetal reduction, Non-surgical ectopic Pregnancy management

Infertility often creates one of the most distressing life crises that an infertile couples has ever experienced together. We as Infertility | Fertility | IVF Doctors well understood their emotional aspect and provide on ethical, meticulous research based approach to Fertility Treatment. Infertility or sub fertility is no more a personal problem. Due to pollution and life style changes, infertility has become a common health problem too. We believe in ladder approach.

Step - 1


know about fertility, infertility & IVF Treatment etc.(brief given below)

Step -2


Send your reports and your questions for free second opinion.

Step - 3


We thoroughly study your reports and give you professional expertise opinion regarding your problem of infertility. We also advise you how to achieve pregnancy fast.

Step - 4


Once you make a decision to take treatment contact number: +91 9526531400 and fix an appointment.

Step - 5


Visit doctor

Your first visit


Day 3 of Menstrual Cycle (Come on fasting, 3 days abstinence period)

Your second visit


13’th day of women's menstrual cycle, further3 days of monitoring.

Your third visit


Treatment one: Super Ovulation and timing of intercourse for 3 months.

Treatment Two


Intra Uterine Insemination (either husband or donor) for three months.

Treatment Three


Diagnostic / Operative endoscopy (Laparoscopy / Hysteroscopy)

Treatment Four


Three more IUI Cycles if endoscopic results are normal.

Treatment Five


ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) IVF , ICSI ,ET


Treatment Six


Donation oocyte (egg), sperm, embryo, surrogacy.

Note: Any of the above treatments are selected depending upon the evaluation of couple.



Prolonged use of drugs will have some side effects. Ovulation induction can lead to premature menopause, increased baseline FSH, LH, Ovarian Cancer [suspicion not proved]. Our Motto in not Pregnancy, Our goal is delivery of Healthy Baby and mother.

We also deal with high rise pregnancy management (Diabetes complicate pregnancy, Hypertension complicating pregnancy, recurrent pregnancy loss). In co-ordination with neonatologist we take care of prematurity of new born. We also offer fetal reduction in case of multiple pregnancies.

We specialize in Surrogacy and Sperm | Egg Donation. Waiting period for this is minimal. All legal formalities, correct matching - We do take care. As we take care from infertility treatment till delivery, our take home baby rate is high. We treat every precious pregnancy and take all precautions to prevent abortions, premature delivery, neo-natal deaths, etc. We insist upon nutrition and nutritional supplements. We prevent chronic and acute anoxia of baby during anti-natal period, and during delivery. We proudly announce babies born in our hospitals are healthy, highly intelligent and affectionate.

Basic understanding of the causes of infertility.

In women, infertility is most commonly caused due to ovulation problems. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), a type of hormonal imbalance, is one of the main causes of ovulation issues. Primary ovarian insufficiency (POI), blocks in the fallopian tubes, problems in the uterus and uterine fibroids are other issues that cause infertility in women.

In men, infertility could be due to varicocele, which can affect the number or shape of sperms. Movement of the sperm, injuries or damage to the reproductive system, birth defects and poor health are other problems that can lead to infertility in men.

The risks of infertility multiply in both men and women depending on their lifestyles. Stress, heavy drinking and smoking, increasing age, drugs, environmental toxins, intake of certain medicines, unhealthy diet, excess or very low body weight, etc. add to an individual's inability to contribute to pregnancy and birth.

A few scientific terms explained in brief:-

Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART)

Techniques that aim to achieve pregnancy via medical procedures instead of sexual intercourse are termed as Assisted Reproductive Techniques or ART.

Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)

A medical method, wherein processed semen is planted in the uterus using a catheter, is called Intra Uterine Insemination or IUI. IUI is performed after a controlled ovarian stimulation, using appropriate fertility enhancing medicines for the best res

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and Embryo Transfer (ET)

IVF is one of the most well-known and widely practiced assisted reproductive techniques across the globe. IVF involves the fertilization of an egg outside the body and the placement of the fertilized eggs/embryos into the patient's uterus. This is an outpatient medical procedure and does not require admission of the patient to the hospital at any point. Most laymen know IVF as "Test Tube Baby".

Department Head :- Dr Vijayalakshmi G Plillai 



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