The department of ENT at Vijayalakshmi medical center in Cochin with state of the art equipment meeting global standards for the comprehensive management of ENT. This Department  specializes in treating Frontal Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, stapedectomy, Cochlear Implant surgery, CSF leak repair, Endoscopic DCR, Endoscopic skull base surgeries, Endoscopic Rhinoplasty, Advanced endoscopic surgery for sinus and nasal disorders, Cosmetic Nasal Surgery, and reconstructive Plastic Surgery. It functions closely with other departments like pediatrics, Medical oncology and allied specialties to provide the best comprehensive treatment for patients with Ear, nose and throat. Management strategies are worked out individually for each patient.

VMC aims at diagnosing with though clinical examinations and with minimal required investigations, without unnecessary and expensive investigations. We cater all section of people (poor & rich) with nominal charges and for poor people maximum concession will be given. Operation theatre is well equipped with all instruments, operative microscope, laser and endoscope that are required for surgical management.



Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries including advanced procedures like CSF leak repair, Endoscopic DCR, & Endoscopic skull base surgeries. One of the first institute in the country to start the Modified Lothrop Procedure (Draf3), which is the answer to repeated allergic nasal polyposis & fungal

Sinusitis cases from all over the country are referred to this Centre for expert management.

Cosmetic Nasal Surgery, including Endoscopic Rhinoplasty is routinely undertaken.

The chief consultant is a regular invited Surgeon in various conferences and workshops to demonstrate not only advanced endoscopic sinus techniques, but also cosmetic nasal surgeries (Rhinoplasty)


 Plastic surgery of the nose, that includes making alterations in the external nose

structure. This may be done to reshape the nose and improve its function as well.

Areas of Surgical Expertise



Modified Lothrop Procedure (DRAF3) 

Allergy affecting the nose may lead on to soft tissue growth called polyps. This in turn can lead on to constant headache, fever, and dimness of vision and rarely infection of the brain.Latest Technology in Sinus SurgeryMLP (Modified Lothrop Procedure) DRAF3 - Solution for Recurrent Nasal Polyps & Fungal Sinusitis





C S F Leak Repair, Pituitary Surgeries & other Skull Base Tumors 

Once the fluid surrounding the brain leaks and comes into the nose and sinuses, or ear a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak ensues. The fluid is usually kept around the brain and spinal cord by a thick cover called the Dura     




Along with routine microscopic ear surgeries, advanced surgeries like Stapedectomy, & Cochlear Implant surgery are conducted



.The stapes operation (stapedectomy) is recommended for patients with otosclerosis who are candidates for surgery. This operation is usually performed under local anesthesia and requires but a short period of hospitalization and convalescence. though the ear canal under local or general anesthesia. Generally  a small incision may be made behind the ear to remove muscle or fat tissue for use in the operation. Over 90 percent of these operations are successful in restoring the hearing permanently.


Throat & Head & Neck

 All routine surgeries including, thyroidectomy, parotidectomy & micro laryngeal surgery. Endoscopic guided debridder adenoidectomy is the routine technique adopted for adenoidectomy.


Endoscopic Adenoidectomy with Microdebrider: It is one of the safest, accurate and fastest surgery.

 Esophagoscopy: A muscular tube passing from the mouth into the stomach called the oesophagus is checked by using an instrument called oesophagoscope and the procedure is called Esophagoscopy

Head of Dept :-Dr. George Varghese





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