Department of General Medicine and Diabetology

The department of General Medicine at VMC Hospitals dedicated to excellence in patient care. Our doctors create one on one relationships with their patients to develop individualized care plans and, if necessary, have access to the broad range of specialty care providers. Disease diagnosis, management and prevention are the priorities of the department. The team also coordinates with all other department facilitating a better healthcare approach.

Physicians contribute a full range of care for adolescents and adults, including periodic health examinations with appropriate screening for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and common, treatable malignancies. We focus on identifying risk factors and health management along with interventions, such as lipid-lowering diets, smoking cessation programs, and exercise regimens.Being fully equipped Centre for diabetological control we are furnished with the most modern equipment to detect High Risk Foot, special equipment like Biothesiometer, Foot scan, ABI, etc along with diabetic health check packages. Adult immunization is also provided.

Inpatient Services – Hospitalist Care

A comprehensive in-hospital care for patients admitted to the internal medicine service at VMC Hospital is a supplementary facility provided within the Division of General Medicine. The group specializes in all aspects of inpatient internal medicine and are continuously available to patients and their families during hospitalization. The group also provides consultation throughout the hospital on issues of perioperative management, anticoagulation care, and diabetes management.


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