Infertility Treatment

 Infertility Treatment

We have a state of the art Infertility treatment facility with air quality control and gamete handling as per International standards. We have separate Cryobanking area and a very private Andrology area. Well trained Embryologists work to ensure good success rates comparable to any International ART clinics. You can visit us on our web site picture gallery or log on to Facebook at “NEW VMC IVF”.

To manage most of the young couple who have a desire to have a child but are unable to have on their own, would probably need some good counseling, lifestyle modification and a good one to one talk with the Doctor to alleviate anxiety.

Screening out the “really treatment requiring couple” is an expert’s job and the Infertologists at VMC are qualified and equipped to do so. A couple may require to go to do advanced Diagnostic and treatment modalities. This include Hystero-Laparoscopic procedures. Further to this, they may require advanced treatment modalities like IUI, IVF, and ICSI with or without TESE or PESA. Resulting excess Embryos may be frozen for future use. At times we may have to freeze Semen or Eggs. We promote “Gamete” freezing for adolescent or young adults who are yet to become parents but have to undergo Cancer treatment (Chemotherapy or Radio therapy) as it can damage their fertility potential.

In case of women who have permanent disability in their uterus like scarring from previous surgeries, Tumour growths or abnormal condition at birth, a Surrogate can be commissioned to carry their child. In case of very faulty Gametes, example a man has no sperms or the woman has no eggs, third party Reproductive option like Donor Sperm, Donor egg or even a Surrogate Uterus with Donor Gametes can be opted. These are all legal in India. These procedures are done only after proper informed counseling and with Legal documentation. 

We can do all the above treatments for you. To get expert advice, you need to consult Dr. Vijayalakshmi or Dr.Mathangi during the ART (Artificial Reproductive Technique) O.P hours between 2 PM to 4PM on any working day. VMC appreciate persons who come here and take the O.P ticket by 1.30 p.m and wait.for their turn to vist doctor. We provide extreme privacy in the ART O.P.D inside hospital premises assessing all the emotional values of individuals. After the initial diagnosis, the doctor can give you an indication about your condition, treatment options available and approximate cost of treatment.

For further details kindly send an email to our contact mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 9526531400/9947033400 morning 10 am to 6 pm except Sundays who shall guide you in the matter.


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