Health Awareness Seminar

Dr Vijayalakshmi G Pillai and Dr. Shaji k. Ayillath have  delivered a speech  in the  health awareness seminar conducted by Lions club of Cochin Impact at Gokulam Park on 31st October 2015.

Subject of interest :- 1) Infertility, Gynecology &Obstetrics by Dr Vijayalakshmi .G. Pillai

                                  2) Breast cancer & Gynec - ONCO - Surgery, by Dr. Shaji .K. Ayillath 

Briefs: -

Creating awareness to the population of Indian has being an important goal set by                                        Dr Vijayalakshmi at her return from abroad. She always worked for emerging new Indian thought regarding Infertility being “only a disease not disability”.

Dr. Shaji .K. Ayillath began with very simple words to explain “Cancer” the 2nd most death causing disease. He put forward the verse “prevention is better than cure, but early detection never the less”.

Our highlights

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